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What Are PWAs?

PWAs or Progressive Web Apps are webs that can behave like apps. It is developed as a web-based but when it is downloaded via apps on mobile phones, it becomes apps-like. Whether it is the design view, features, accessibilities, and experience. So, why should you use PWAs? What are the advantages to your business?

Well, here's the reason why PWAs are important and become the future of your business digital platform.

  • By developing a PWA, you get both website and app features. It will help to execute various marketing campaigns and build a good connection with your customers.

  • Free to customize with various features. That helps you to apply more efficient services and marketing strategies.

  • Operating in a bad connection and low bandwidth and even offline. It will help you to reach broader customers anytime anywhere.

  • Easy to download as an app. With one tap, the apps will be installed automaticaly on the mobile home screen. It’s that easy.

PWAs are good. Do you know what is better? Fully Optimized and High-Performance PWAs.

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We Give You More Than PWAs

We don't want to provide something that doesn't have optimal functions. If it is something you can create with maximum potential, why need to hold back? Just make it to perfection.

Whats are pwa by rainative

High performance

Performance is a vital key to skyrocketing your business's digital growth. A great performance will make your PWAs faster to load. It means two things. First, google values better when indexing a fast performing web and it will increase time pers your SERP rank. Second, faster PWA will increase the time per session of the visitors on your website.

Whats are pwa by rainative

Better App-Like Experience

App-like mobile interfaces and behaviour bring a familiar and better experience by using Material Design for Android and Human Interface Design for IOS. It gives huge impacts. First, the faster performance brings comfort to your web. Second, the download button allows users to install your PWAs on mobile devices. Last, customizable UI design let you manage content and features to make it more suitable for your mobile users.

Whats are pwa by rainative

Lower Cost Investment

Compared to the cost of developing both web and native mobile apps, PWAs are much cheaper wiith more benefits from both of the platforms. Furthermore, PWAs are easier and faster to be developed and maintained because the source is based on the web. Therefore, you can save money and time by using PWAs as your business platform.

Whats are pwa by rainative

Easier to Discover

Many online businesses struggling to grow because their websites are too hard to be discovered. It's time to stand out. We provide you with SEO maintenance to increase your web visitors. Supported by a fast-loading page brings digital delight to your customers. What a perfect combo!

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