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Privacy Policy


Rainative, as a digital business development company that provides Progressive Web Apps (PWA) development, Core Web Vitals audit service, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) subscription concerns about any digital information, especially personal data, should be used for both welfare and growth orientation, as for not to be used for mere profit that may cause harms to other individuals. Therefore, Rainative provides the Privacy Policy to protect the data which belongs to our customers, visitors, and any other party whose data is compiled, used and stored by Rainative.

Rainative, its sub-company, and any affiliated party (together or Rainative itself, which also refers to the pronouns “we”, “us”, and “our”) only collect the data to improve our services toward any of those whose data is given to us, and thus are under our responsibility. The personal data that we collected is only for a specific purpose and is limited to certain criteria which are clearly stated what kind of information is collected and how it will be used based on that purpose.

This Privacy Policy aims to inform you about: what are the information that will and has been collected from you, why your personal data is being collected, how the personal data will be used, to whom it will be disclosed, and how to ask for your rights to access and control your data.

What information do we collect or receive?

  • The data that we collect is only sourced from the information that you submit.

  • Any information that you type or copied into the form submission panel consists of your name, email address, phone number, and other panels.

  • Any information that will be automatically collected when you send the confirmation to us consists of meta event and meta user data (the details will be explained below).

  • Meta event, specifically when you submit information inside the appointment page, consists of the time and date of your local time zone (UTC), our server date and time, country code, and any data that you type or copied.

  • Metadata of general geographic information, specifically when you submit information inside the appointment page, which consist of the city name, state/province name, country name, time zone, general access longitude, general access latitude, and ASN Provider ISP name.

  • Meta OS user, specifically when you submit information inside the appointment page, which consist of the user’s device, device OS (Operating System) type and version, browser type and version, and public ITP.

  • We DO NOT collect any information from the cookies when you visit our website and ONLY receive data that you submit.

  • We will NOT SELL any information about our customer’s data.

When and where do we collect the data?

  • When you open our page (any page), we collect the information with visits and request counts and will not refers to any identity of your personal information.

  • When you submit the data on the appointment page, we will collect the content that you input and the metadata that you’ve sent.

  • When you contact us via email or social media, we will compile your contact information to be managed for our marketing CRM services.

Why do we collect personal data?

  • We collect your data to refine our customer’s experience by improving our marketing strategy.

  • We collect certain information from your data to be the research materials to make our services better.

  • All the data that we collected is processed to be the evaluation measurements and will not be shared with other parties.

How is your data used?

  • The personal data that we collected are only through the submission of information in a certain form inside the appointment page.

  • Before submitting any information, we will give you a notice that you, under your concern, have read and understood our privacy policy and are responsible for any information that you submit.

  • The information that you submitted is directly stored on our server WITHOUT any third party, preventing the data from being breached and will be processed under our privacy protection.

  • All the information that we processed is used ONLY for our product and service research development, CRM activities, branding, and company service improvement.

  • Any information that we consider obsolete or invalid will be erased from our database.

  • We ONLY limit personal data storage as long as we consider that your data is relevant and is identified as our customer, target market, or potential business partner.

Who do we share your data with?

  • We DON’T share any customer’s data with third parties.

  • We DON’T sell any customer’s data to any other parties.

  • The data that is shared only for report and measurement necessity and can not be tracked down to certain information that leads to personal identification.

How do you control your data based on privacy rights?

  • If you have any worries or distrust toward our policy, please please don’t submit any information to us.

  • If you would like to change, remove, or add the personal data that we collect, please email us with your specific request and we will proceed with your request.

  • Any request that involves additional copies or data that has been over 30 days may need an additional service fee.

  • You may ask to stop processing your data by emailing us.

  • You have the right to complain to us with written objections by emailing us.


When you use our services, you are trusting us with your information related to both metadata and the personal information that you submitted. We understand that this is a big responsibility and we would like to appreciate and inform you all about our privacy policy as clearly as possible to avoid any misunderstanding.

If you have any questions or complaint related to our privacy policy, we will gladly answer them. Please contact us here.

This privacy policy is under the ownership of RAINATIVE and is not allowed to be copied, claimed, or reproduced without our consent under any circumstances.

Latest update: 24 December 2022

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