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About Rainative


Developing a business in digital field.


Always innovate in facilitating company activities to be able to manage branding and marketing activities in order to compete in the digital era.

Helping companies to Go Digital in order to increase the availability of new, higher quality tasks to compete in the future.

About Us

Rainative is a Digital Development Company that expertise in developing and optimizing your digital business field. Especially in PWA, considering that web and apps is the basic of all business development of a company, moreover in the future. Of course, to optimize PWA will consume a lot of effort, time, and money. Don’t worry, we handle all the complicated and boring works.

Start from our believe, technology has to be solution to make everything easier. Whether it is web-base or native-apps. Thus, why not take all the advantages? That is why we choose to develop PWAs to be the answer of every digital problems.

We are good at making the PWAs to be more beautiful, faster, more accessible, easier to find, more crowded with visitors, and become top 10 on google search pages! BANZAI!!!



The failure of problem detection is gonna lead to the wrong decision, right? That’s why we will do a lot of research and consultation related to your business.

Tailored to Your Need

After all the research and planning, when we start the project we always go back to one thing important: the customer.

Sense of Belonging

We treat our work results as if they are our own children. There is nothing better than seeing our products grow bigger and more successfull.

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Jl. Nusakambangan 19B, Kec. Klojen, Kel. Kasin, Malang City, East Java, Indonesia - 65117